The Dark Beyond the Horizon

Fink Again 1

The scribbled notes of an Elder Mythos scholar


Waking up with no memory of one’s past or even one’s self is no easy thing to bear. It is made more comfortable by such tiny degree to find that one is with others in the same predicament. But it still shudders the very soul. Such strange companions too – a cat woman, a bird man, a half angel, and a seclusive human who seems more rogue than wizard.

Memory returns in thin layers – my name: Fink! My gear – a grimoire and a staff. My ability – I am a wizard it seems. But where are we? In some crazy infirmary I surmise. One beset by ghouls, cultists, terrible creatures, a dreadful yellow fog, and all manner of weird and terrible things, not the least of which being a slavering demon in the guise of a whimpering puppy. There are some quacks here; but are they quacks or are they sick folk themselves.

Dreams abound. But not the instructive and reassuring dreams of Desna. More nightmares from some Necromicon that tear into the soul while sleeping, and leave a lingering taste of contaminated Aklo speech in the mouth. Many dangers and few friends have we found, but in the end, with the destruction of a most foul man, nay, say not a man but demon. With his destruction the fog lifts and we may leave this accursed building to travel to a nearby coastal town. What horrors there await us, I can only guess….


twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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